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In Raufarhöfn you will find a grocery store, a restaurant, coffee shop and a swimming pool which offers you an indoor pool with a hot pot. There you will also find a sauna, a gym and a sports hall. The staff of The Nest can make reservations for your guests at Hotel Norðurljós for a breakfast buffet if they so desire.

The area is nice for hiking, bird watching and nature sightseeing.
Hiking round the cape Höfði by the harbour on which there is a light­­house exposes many hidden secrets, rock formations and big caves. You might even see some seals.

Hiking around and above the village on a good path is a nice walk.

Visiting the Arctic Henge is realy worth it! A huge stone structure with allusions to mythology and folklore, designed to interact with the unique natural light.


In the neighbourhood:

Rauðanes peninsula in Þistilfjörður is an example of exceptional natural beauty. There is a marked path which takes you along a circular route of about 7 km of easy walking.

The Leader-sheep center in Svalbarð in Þistilfjörður. The Leader-sheep breed and Icelandic sheep herding have been joined by unbreakable bonds since the beginning of settlement in Iceland. With its resiliency, intelligence and exceptional leadership qualities the Leader-sheep has repeatedly proven its worth and value, especially regarding sheep grazing in earlier times. Café Silla is located in the center.

The Northern Þingeyjarsýsla Heritage Museum two kilometers from the village of Kópasker, this museum presents a unique collection of local objects showing daily life in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Earthquake Center at Kópasker is an interesting exhibition of photographs and other material connected to the seismic activity in Öxarfjörður in 1975, the Kópasker earthquake on 13 January 1976 and the volcanic eruptions at Krafla 1975-1984.